We have experience in multiple sectors

Chemical / medical industry

Components for medical auxiliary services, firefighting, biocides and plague control

Metal industry

Foundry parts, bridge cranes, plastic components for transmissions

Locomotion industry

Automotive and railway sectors

White range sector

Boilers, radiators, washing machines and thermos

Electrical sector

Components for low, medium and high voltage

Electronic sector

Housings for electronic components

Our services



Final finishing

We have tools and capacity to undertake the entire production process that our activity requires, from the design and construction of moulds, stabilization of materials, injection, homologation of initial samples, their mass production, screen printing and delivery of the merchandise.

We also work with already manufactured injection molds, making our knowledge and experience available to the client to propose improvements both in the molds and in the manufacturing process in order to improve costs.

Injection in two materials

We over-inject parts with different plastic materials

Injection with metal inserts

We manufacture parts with metal inserts


We make secondary operations required, as: assembly and integration, clinching of inserts, labeling and mechanising of parts

Serigraphy, painted or chromed parts

We subcontract the final finishing of the pieces to trusted suppliers in order to serve final product according to customer needs