Injection molding parts

We are a company located in Galdakao (Bizkaia). We have more than 30 years of experience in the plastic injection sector, being owned by the professionals who work in it.

Our collaboration with the client begins with the design and manufacture of the molds and concludes, if necessary, with the final decoration of the part by means of screen printing, pad printing or chrome plating or the assembly of sets. We also carry out plastic coatings on metal and plastic parts.

Our structure allows us to work with flexibility and agility, adapting to the supply needs of our clients and maintaining the highest quality in each and every one of the process steps, understanding that this is the only way to achieve full satisfaction of the environment where we operate and we interact daily.


Chemical / medical industry

Components for medical auxiliary services, firefighting, biocides and plague control

Metal industry

Foundry parts, bridge cranes, plastic components for transmissions

Locomotion industry

Automotive and railway sectors

White range sector

Boilers, radiators, washing machines and thermos

Electrical sector

Components for low, medium and high voltage

Electronic sector

Housings for electronic components

We are a support in your growth

We contribute to your project


We offer a complete solution and our commitment to the development of the product that the client needs.

Design and manufacture of moulds

We work with engineering companies with extensive experience in plastic, providing graphic design services, 3D – 2D plans, mold design, mold flow analysis and final manufacturing.

Injection and over-injection parts

We have the technical and human capacities and we work with top quality materials to inject with all the quality requirements that the client may need. Possibility of pre-series, test’s molds and all kinds of series/lots.

Assemblies, screen printing and finishes

Once the injection is done, we offer the option of finishing the product with assembly processes, screen printing, welding, chrome plating…



6650m2 divided into production area and warehouse

Parts weight

We manufacture parts from 1gr to 1,500gr


All kind of thermoplastics and fillers (fiberglass, carbon fiber, V0, UV)

Iso 9001 certification since 2014




Tons processed
Manufactured parts