Erletxes Inyección S.L.L    

It is a labour Society Locate in Galdakao (Bizkai), which founding associates combine his experiencie of more than 30 years in the sector of the injecction of plastic, whit the formation in the new technologies of desing and manufacture applicable to this final product.

We fit in a correct way the dimension of our compay to the requirements of the market in the moment of our foundation in 2004, which allows us to support a few cost of production reduced in comparison which other companies of the sector with major structural charges and therefore less compretitive in this respect.

There treats itself therefore about a young company in constant evolution, which the suficient flexibility and rapidity to adapt tu the needs of supply of his clients and that it supports as principal axis of this evolution to achieve the maximun quality in each and every of the processes that intervene in his activity, understanding that this one is the one is the only way of obtainning the full satisfction of the enviroment with the one that relates ervery day.


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Phone contact 94 45660 04
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ERLETXES INYECCIÓN S.L.L. Industrial State Erletxes, Street B, Pab 8 48960 Galdakao (Bizkaia) phone : 94 45660 04 Fax: 94 456 71 47

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